For the Beauty of the Earth

Reflecting on the old Thanksgiving hymn, For The Beauty of the Earth, I am truly grateful. . .

1) For the Beauty of the Earth
My new home in South Carolina is beautiful!  Yesterday, our family took a stroll through Clemson’s Botanical Gardens, and I was astounded by the splendor of creation — even in November!  God’s artwork is everywhere!

2) For the Wonder of Each Hour
Time is fleeting, and I’m thankful for each precious moments.  Seize the day!

3) For Thy Church
In worship (holy hands above) and service (pure sacrifice of love).
I am so thankful for my beloved church back in Wisconsin (so many heartwarming memories) — my new church family in SC — (such great visionary leadership), and the wonderful pastors and congregations I’ve met this fall in the course of my travels.  God’s people come in all shapes and packages — and His Kingdom is alive and well indeed!

4) For the Joy of Human Love
Brother, sister, parent, child.  I am thankful for my beautiful family, and am overjoyed for this opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving with them

5) For Thyself – Best Gift Divine.
God has been my greatest source of strength and comfort. I find fellowship with Him sweeter as the years go by. In my daily quiet time, He gives me the spiritual motivation and strength to face whatever comes throughout the day.