Resignation Letter

Dear Hayward Wesleyan Church Family,

“There is a time for everything. . .”   (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

After much prayerful consideration and reflection, I’ve come to the
conclusion that it is time for Hayward Wesleyan Church to have a new senior pastor.   My last Sunday will be March 12.

Serving you for the past 25 years has been truly rewarding.  Like the Apostle Paul, I love you dearly and consider you “my joy and my crown” (Philippians 4:1).

However, Hayward Wesleyan Church is in a new season that requires fresh leadership beyond my energy and capacity.  My recent break brought clarification to me regarding this.   If I continue on as your senior pastor, neither the church nor I will flourish.  Something new needs to happen for all of us.  My prayer is that with a new leader at the helm, Hayward Wesleyan Church will be in a much better place to grow in the future, reach the rising generation, multiply disciples, and impact this community for Christ.

My own personal calling for the next chapter of life was also clarified.   God wires us all uniquely for a special purpose.  I am responsible to be the best version of who He created me to be, and feel I must serve in another capacity for that vision to be fully realized.  For me, this possibly means pursuing a broader ministry where I can focus on my gifts of writing, teaching, and public speaking as well as my passion to to train, equip and encourage pastors.

Hayward Wesleyan Church is, by far, the best faith community Cathy and I have ever experienced.   We’ve witnessed many amazing things down through the years, as we tried to join Jesus in His work here in Hayward.  You have loved our family well, and we’ve made many beautiful memories.  Thank you for sharing your life with us.  What a blessing it has been!

God has wonderful plans for this great church, as you continue to represent the Savior to our community and the world.  You will always hold a very special place in my heart.


Mark O. Wilson

38 thoughts on “Resignation Letter”

    1. Thanks Scott. I will always cherish our family memory of staying at the resort so many years ago. It was a beautiful .

  1. Pastor Mark…although I do not attend your church, I have much respect for you and your ministry. May God grant you many more years to pursue the next chapter in your life! Your flock will miss you!

  2. Pastor Mark, I am glad I was able to visit the Hayward Weslyan church when my folks lived up North. You were great! You helped me quite a few times even though I was not a member. You lead me in directions and that I appreciate you for. Good luck in all you do.

  3. Pastor Mark, you officiated at the wedding of my sister, Ginger Nelson, and some years later, at her funeral, when she passed away fom lung cancer. I so appreciated your kindness to our family. I’ve enjoyed being FB friends with you, and reading your posts. You’ll be missed, but I wish you well in the future.

  4. Mark, may God be glorified through your step of faith, may He be lifted up through your writing, teaching/training and encouragemnt, and may you see God’s immeaurable work in your life like never before – beyond what you have dreamed or thought!! Will look forward to see how God works you thorugh this next life-journey!

  5. Wonderful letter, Mark! Nathan and I have appreciated your sincerity and good heart. Blessings to you and Cathy as you move on to a new season of life. You will be missed!

  6. Pastor Mark,
    Thank you for the inspiration that you have given me to be a pastor. I enjoyed our talks and everything you have done with me. Good luck in your new adventure. God has a new plan for you. I will miss talking to you. I give you a thumbs up for a job well done.

  7. Well done good and faithful servant……

    May God bless you and Kathy in your next chapter.

    Mike & Margaret Browning

  8. Pastor Mark,

    May God continue to heap blessings on you and Cathy, and Hayward Wesleyan church even as you part in physical ways. You and HWC brought me back home to God many years ago; I will never forget you. Well done, good and faithful servant!

  9. Mark,
    You are a great and honored man. You will be missed but never forgotten. You have the power to preach, lead and inspire so many. Your following has grown and empowered many people to help and unite a greater congregation. I remember the little church on the comer when you moved here. Your addition to that little church, was a great gift that God had given to us. I thank you for everything you have done for me, my family, as well as so many others in this small town, thank you. You’re an inspiration and a God send. May your new journey be as inspirational to you as you have been to all of us.

  10. Pastor Mark,
    Even though I have only been attending this church for less than a year, you have helped me through a really rough time. I will always be great full for that. I will greatly miss your sermons. I am glad I got to know you and hear your teaching of GOD. You brought me closer to him, more than I thought I could be. Thank you so very much!!!

  11. Dear Mark, I know that was a tough decision for you.
    God has a lot more for you to do on your new journey.
    Thank you for your service.
    Pat Wagar

  12. Pastor Mark, when I first started my journey into faith, I was a little girl in the Sunday school on 2nd St by the middle school. It was always such a joyous day to be filled up and taught about the lord, especially when you’d bring your guitar and sing with the Sunday school kids. As I’m now in my 30’s with a child of my own, I’ve looked near and far for a church like the one I grew up in. Being a military family, we move around quite a bit and I have never found someone with such a personable touch on their congregation. You have been the building block and cornerstone of my faith. You have made a great impact on me near and far throughout the years. Thank you for doing God’s work and continuing to listen to Him. Blessed be the journey.

  13. We were sad when you left Sunnymead Wesleyan, but you were off to greater things. Now once again God is leading you to greater heights. God bless and go forward to the calling you are destined for. Love in Christ the Stokke clan

  14. When I was abused, homeless and lost you and this church family took me in – built me up – housed me – and gave me the spiritual home and family I needed to continue on in this life as a whole being. Blessed with the love you developed within His house and at times in the arms of many loving people. As I continue to share what I have been blessed with you are the foundation that I can say brought me home to God’s loving arms and now I can share that on to others in need. Your family are an inspiration to us all, and deserve a beautiful peaceful joyous and healthy bright future with you at the helm in our Saviors craft through all waters of the future. Bless each and every member of your “kin” and future family members! Thank you are two-small words for what is in my heart for you and yours. (P.S. our 3 amigos are in good hands with me )

  15. Pastor Mark, I personally am so thankful for the ministry you did in Hayward and Northern Wisconsin. Your influence in my life as well as so many young pastors is a lasting legacy that will continue for many generations. We all are better because of the investment you have placed in us and in the community. I pray for great direction for both you and the church as you move forward in all that God has for you!

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