The Art of Loving Well

This photo by Eric Yoder of his parents, Sam and Frieda Yoder was taken on the day of Sam’s passing. They shared 67 years of marriage together. 

As we enter 2017, let’s make it the “Year of Loving Well.”  As Peter Scazzero says, “The art of loving well is the essence of true spirituality.”   May your new year be deep and rich, and may your depth and richness be measured in love.

Here are a few points to ponder about what it means to love well:
1.  Love is a verb —  proven by action.
2.  Love is mostly expressed through kindness and understanding.
3.  We must first experience love before we are able to act on it.
4.   We cannot truly love until we begin to understand how deeply we are loved.
5.  Love is not something you fall into.  It is something you climb into.
6.  Love is not self-centered.  It is an out-flowing energy.
7.  Loving God with all our hearts multiplies our love for others.
8.  Love is not a scarce commodity to be hoarded or divided.  When you love abundantly, you find more love to give.
9.  It is impossible to love through a wall.  The first act of love is removing the wall.
10.  It is possible to have an outer glaze of love without it being at the core.  This is artificial and rings false.
11.   Although artificial love appears to be the real thing, it eventually proves to be self-seeking and hollow.
12.  Sometimes, speaking painful truth is the most loving thing to do.
13.  God placed every person in your life for a reason — and that is so you can love them.
14.  From infancy onward, every human being needs to be treasured, held and loved.
15.  Emotional wounds from the past can block our love pathways.  As these wounds are discovered and healed, our love flows more freely.
16.  If love is our motivation, we don’t need to live by fear, pressure or obligation.
17.  Love willingly shares the burden.  The willingness shows the love.
18.  The more we love — the less it feels like a burden.
19.  Love listens without assumptions and doesn’t judge motives.
20.  Love covers a lot of shortcomings.
21.  Love accepts imperfections and doesn’t expect the other person to be God.
22.  Love doesn’t push.
23.  Love means traveling at your companion’s pace.
24.  Love sometimes means giving up the need to have the last word.
25.  It’s hard to love others if you’re unwilling to embrace who you are.
26.  Love goes the whole distance.  It is a marathon, not a sprint.

One thought on “The Art of Loving Well”

  1. Wow, this is a wonderful writing…need to keep reminding myself of this AND continue to work towards rebuilding bruised or broken love structure….thank you for continually passing me the Master Carpenter’s tools.

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